​Peer-to-Peer Akatemia 8.10.

Aika: tiistaina 8.10.2019 klo 13.00 – 16.30

Paikka: Helsingin Satamatalo, Donor4Life, Olympiaranta 3, Helsinki

Peer-to-Peer continues to grow and there is no method that offers the same creativity and engagement as this one. Peer-to-Peer fundraising needs a strategy which the Peer-to Peer Academy will give you the platform for.

The content of the Peer-to-Peer Academy:
1. Technology (functionality and logic, connection to database and more).
2. Relationship (Your fundraisers and "Peer-to-Peer donors").
3. Strategy and Campaign (Which alternatives are there and what are their characteristics?). "DIY" - Your most creative fundraisers.
5. Ambassadors, grassroot influencers and companies.
6. Objectives and follow-up. If you fail to plan - you plan to fail
7. Relevant external examples

Järjestäjä Donor4Life. Koulutus ja materiaalit ovat englanninkielisiä. Kouluttajana on Patrik Haggren/Yadoux AB. Ilmoittautuminen 1.10. mennessä: ak@d4l.se

Hinta on 310 euroa + alv, VaLan jäsenille 295 euroa + alv (sisältää kahvitarjoilun).