Webinaari 26.1.: Top Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website!

Aika: tiistaina 26.1. klo 11.00 - 12.00

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With increasing competition & “digital noise” how can organisations creatively use digital marketing techniques to stand out and ultimately get donations. Even the most advanced digital fundraiser will constantly consider how can I drive traffic to my donation pages. What will get the attention of my donors? Where can I place my digital adverts to get maximum attention?

- Get inspired by Loui Ohlendorff, our new iRaiser Nordic’s Account Manager who just joined us from UNHCR Denmark, to hear first hand his top tip’s in driving traffic to your website and donation platform.
- Matti Valli, Communications & Marketing Manager from Kummit Finland, will then share his insights on how this leading local charity has transformed their website, considered their digital offering and of course utilised iRaiser’s leading payment solution for one-off and monthly giving to increase donations. You can generate traffic, but unless your supporters donate through a user-friendly site and optimized platform, your conversion rate can be negatively affected!