Webinaari 24.9. The digital fundraising benchmarking tool ZOI

Aika: torstaina 24.9. klo 14-15

Ilmoittautuminen: https://www.zoi.agency/hei-suomi

Tilaisuuden järjestäjä ZOI.

If your charity is using Facebook, Google grants/ads, YouTube and/or Instagram you will not want to miss out on this session.

Please join us for a presentation of ZOI – the digital fundraising benchmarking tool! ZOI is a unique tool offering benchmarking analysis for the non-profit sector in 8 countries throughout Europe. Its sole purpose is to help you receive better insights into how your digital channels are performing with real KPIs from your sector.

Jacob Møllemose, the CEO of ZOI will show what ZOI can do for you and your charity, so you can gain insights to:
1. Get better results
2. See what works for others
3. Compare channels and strategies
4. Learn new tricks
5. Get the confidence to change