iRaiserin ja MobilePayn aamiaistilaisuus 13.2.

VaLan kumppani iRaiser järjestää Helsingissä maksuttoman aamiaistilaisuuden yhdessä MobilePayn kanssa.
Aika: torstaina 13.2. klo 9.00 - 11.00
Paikka: ilmoitetaan myöhemmin

How to increase your monthly & one-off fundraising with user experience front of mind! Together iRaiser and MobilePay will present a solution that will grow your digital fundraising, particularly monthly giving, and provide a better user experience for your donors.

iRaiser is proud to announce that organisations will now be able to raise even more recurring donations with MobilePay Subscriptions on iRaiser's solutions. All the benefits from the MobilePay Interface now allow you to collect monthly donations in a simple, secure, and efficient way. By integrating MobilePay into your donation process, not only will your donors benefit from the optimized user experience, but they will also be able to donate monthly in one-click via all types of smartphones, directly in the MobilePay app. Lisää tietoa ja ilmoittautuminen