Tutustu IFC2018-masterclassien tarjontaan

International Fundraising Congress IFC2018
pidetään Hollannissa 16. - 19.10. 

Lähde mukaan alan huipputapahtuman! Masterclass-poimintoja:
- The amazingly ultimate #donorlove fundraising masterclass for fantastic fundraising superstars!!! Jen Love (Canada), Beate Sørum (Norway) ja Simon Schriver (Ireland)
- The Digital Campaign Hot House: 48 hours to build the most kick-ass digital campaign the world has ever seen. Jason Potts (UK) ja Derek Humphries (Netherlands
- New foundations, new money: Getting into the minds of today’s philanthropists
Christopher Carnie (Spain)
- Pixie dust and power: Boost and brighten your fundraising by letting go of the everyday and tapping into your storytelling magic. Mary Lynn Lalonde (Switzerland) ja Brian Fitzgerald (Netherlands)
EarlyBird: Ilmoittaudu mukaan ennen 1.6. ja säästät 75 puntaa. Together we can!

KLM tarjoaa alennuksia lennoista Amsterdamiin ajalla 10.-24.10. Lue lisää

IFC Asia 2018 pidetään Bangkokissa 18. - 21.6. teemalla Fundraising & Beyond: New Ecosystems for Social Good. Osallistumismaksu alkaen 649 USD. Ilmoittaudu mukaan
- Leveraging ecosystems and designing for social sector innovation and co-funding: A strategic boot camp to accelerate impact and systems change. Courtney Savie Lawrence (Thailand) ja Roshan Paul (India)
- Demystifying major donor fundraising: Uncovering the factors and understanding the tools that lead to success. Anna Crago (Thailand) ja Rupali Babu (India)
- Journey mapping: Focus on the donor journey to breathe new life into your communications and engagement. Michael Johnston (Canada) ja Keiko Miyahara (Japan)

Järjestäjä: Resource Alliance