Teknologiaa & trendejä esitellään IFC:ssa

International Fundraising Congress IFC2017
A New Conversation
Tutustu tarjontaan ja ilmoittaudu mukaan Hollantiin 17. - 20.10.

Nostoja ohjelmasta:
Artificial Intelligence: Michael Hoffman, CEO of innovative US-based digital agency See3, looks at what AI is, why you should care about it, and how it will impact your daily work – sooner than you think.
Innovation Petri Dish: Gavin Coopey, director of More Strategic, and Kerren Morris, head of individual and community giving at Red Cross Australia, get real about creating a culture that drives innovation, share their experiences – warts and all – and prepare you for the journey to becoming a better innovation leader RIGHT NOW.
Improbrain – Move your body, Move your brain! Boost your creativity: Jan Uekermann, community manager of RaiseNow, will pump you up with 11 simple steps to break you out of your routine and re-energize your body, your mind ... and your work.
Innovative Finance De-mystified: Dr. Maximilian Martin, founder of Impact Economy, and Liesbet Peeters, founding manager at D. Capital Partners in Belgium, will unravel the complex macro-level shifts, opportunities and challenges in mobilising development finance from new funding sources, such as private sector, impact investing and blended innovative finance.
Mukana myös Airbnb, Facebook, Unilever ja paljon muuta